Christmas Wish List: Pregnancy Must-Haves

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If you have any pregnant moms on your list for the holidays, you might want to take a look at our suggestions. We know how challenging it can be to choose the perfect gift for pregnant women. With all of the baby supplies slowly racking up, you would want to give something that will stand out and make pregnant women special, right?


Here are five excellent suggestions for presents that pregnant women are sure to appreciate and love:


Body Pillow

Experienced moms know how essential it is to have something like this in advance of the later months, but body pillows are also great for before, during and after pregnancy. It is ideal for putting between the knees, supporting a burgeoning belly, or elevating the knees. It can also be your husband stand-in for night time cuddling.


Tennis Balls

You might not think of it as much but keeping a couple of these handy can help pregnant women when they are further along. Their significant other can roll one around on the pregnant woman’s lower back with his hand using firm pressure – the feeling is amazing! The pregnant woman can also do it herself, using a convenient wall and a bit of balance. These balls can also be great during back labour.


Massage Lotion/Oil/Cream

Pregnant women will get dry feet, ankles, knees and hands even worse than usual during pregnancy, and of course they will not be able to reach those areas easily. Massaging the extremities is important to help keep circulation up and some women may also experience pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome which massages can ease. When choosing the right massage lotion or oil to give as a present, go for refreshing and soothing ones such as peppermint, jasmine, lemon, or cocoa butter.


Comfortable Shoes

Pregnant women will definitely appreciate getting a pair of comfy footwear, especially when they can no longer see their feet underneath the baby bump. The center of gravity shifts in pregnant women and they can get odd pains and spasms. Also, it can be difficult to see where they are walking. High heels are not advisable because they cause back, knee, and hip and ankle pain. They need something supportive, will expand a little, comfortable and still fashionable for work – choose wisely!


Maternity Jeans

Pregnant women will sooner or later find out that they can no longer pack themselves into their favourite jeans. However, there are now great maternity jeans that are both comfortable and fashionable!


Enjoy gift-hunting for the pregnant women in our lives!

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