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Category Archives: Natural Alternatives

Can Acupuncture Help With Infertility Issues?

Getting pregnant might take a longer time for some women. There are different ways that help women get pregnant and one of those is acupuncture. You might have heard this somewhere else, but how true is this claim?   What is acupuncture? Before knowing if this alternative method can really help in fertility, let us first know what it is all about. Acupuncture is based on a T ... READ MORE

Here’s Why Women Should Consider Meditation

Your health, as well as the health of your growing baby, are the most important things to keep in mind while you are pregnant. Despite all the changes that your body is going through, both physically and mentally, you want to be at your healthiest to provide the utmost best environment and start for your baby. To be able to cope with the physical changes of pregnancy, you should consider med ... READ MORE

How Acupuncture Helps in Fertility

If you are open to receiving fertility treatments or if you are concerned about your ability to conceive, you might want to consider including a natural, complementary practice that has been around for thousands of years: acupuncture.   If you are going to look at it from an Eastern perspective, acupuncture is believed to help the body get back to a balanced sta ... READ MORE

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Dark-Skinned Fruits in Fertility

Red wine has been said to be healthy because it contains resveratrol, an antioxidant. However, if you are trying to conceive, let alone if you are pregnant, consuming alcohol is not really an option. No need to worry – you can still get resveratrol from a different source that’s even more delicious: DARK CHOCOLATE. In many cultures, chocolate has been an ancient tradition and often associated w ... READ MORE

What Not to Eat or Drink When Trying to Conceive

A woman does not have to wait until she is pregnant to improve her eating habits. It is better to switch to a healthy diet even when you are not yet pregnant – this ensures that the baby is off to a strong start. Here are some foods and drinks that a woman must avoid when trying to get pregnant: Liver When you are trying to get pregnant, you should avoid eating foods or taking s ... READ MORE

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