Boost Fertility with These Simple Tips

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Many couples struggle to conceive and in almost half of the cases, the cause is still unexplained. If you wish to have children, there are some lifestyle changes that you should do to improve your chances of conceiving:

#01 – Lose (Or Gain) Weight

Both being overweight and underweight can possibly compromise your fertility. Having a body mass index of less than 19 or over 30 may mean it’s going to take longer for you to conceive. Additionally, a high or low BMI has a huge effect on the efficiency of fertility treatments, too.

#02 – Bid Your Nightly Booze Goodbye

We understand how those glasses of wine (or bottles of beer) get you in the mood. However, they can affect your reproductive system negatively. In fact, its effects can get so bad as to actually damage your fertility. Even drinking small amounts can lower testosterone levels and sperm quality in men, as well as mess up with a woman’s menstrual cycle and lessen the chance of getting pregnant.

#03 – Change Your Diet

Fresh organic foods are beneficial, especially when you are trying to conceive. Add chicken breasts, turkey, and nuts are rich in zinc that can help improve the maturity and overall health of eggs. For sperm formation, selenium is important. It can be found in fish, eggs, and mushrooms. You should also eat eggs, yoghurt, beef, oranges, kiwis, asparagus, and cabbages to boost your vitamins B12 and C to improve your sperm count.

#04 – Drink Plenty of Water

Water ensures that your reproductive system is working. It also increases cervical mucus which aids sperm in swimming freely through the cervix and to the egg.

#05 – Stop Smoking

You should already know this by now. Smokers are at a higher risk of having fertility problems and that risk increases with the more sticks of cigarettes you have each day. Every time you smoke, about 7,000 different chemicals spread throughout your body, and this can get in the way of a woman’s ovulation, damage eggs, and affect sperm motility.

#06 – Exercise in Moderation

Physical activities are good for fertility, but be careful that you don’t do it vigorously as that can also have a negative impact. Instead of your usual high-intensity and exhausting workouts, you can try pilates, yoga, swimming, and even just walking.

#07 – Avoid Stressful Situations

Stress can shatter one’s fertility. Hormone levels can get disrupted and ovulation can cease. Combat stress by dong meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises. You might also want to take a break from work, especially if it gets too stressful at times.

These lifestyle changes may be challenging at first. But the reward is definitely worth it. You can also consult First Steps Fertility if you want to find out how you can improve your chances of conceiving!

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