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Vaginal Dryness: What You Need to Know

During the menopausal stage, the production of estrogen slows and then stops. As soon as that happens, a number of changes take place in a woman’s body, and some of these changes cause pain and discomfort. A woman going through menopause may have mood swings, hot flashes, increase in facial hair, and a deeper voice. However, all these changes do not happen to all women. What Vaginal Dry ... READ MORE

Aging: What Happens to the Vagina and Vulva

No matter what the age of a woman is, the vagina (and its surrounding areas) go through different changes – from puberty, to childbirth, and even as a woman gets older, especially after menopause. These changes, however, are not discussed often so some women are left uninformed and unprepared until such time they experience the changes for themselves.   That should not be the case, howe ... READ MORE

The MonaLisa Touch and How It Can Help You

As a woman going through various changes that comes with aging, are you suffering from uncomfortable vaginal conditions? Are you experiencing itching and burning sensations as well as irritation in your vaginal area? If you are, then you might want to learn more about the MonaLisa Touch and how it can help in alleviating nasty vaginal conditions.   What is the MonaLisa Touch? READ MORE

A Woman’s Health During Menopause

When menopause begins and estrogen levels start to plummet, so does the imperviousness of your bones, energy levels, heart, and libido. And even though replacing estrogen and/or progesterone can relieve those symptoms, there many women who are hesitant to begin hormone replacement therapy due to studies that indicate it may increase their risk for developing cancer and heart disease. Assess ... READ MORE

Hot Flashes: What Triggers Them

Do you sometimes wake up at night with your clothes and even your sheets drenched? That is probably a hot flash you’re experiencing – a classic symptom of menopause. As hormone levels erratically change during menopause, it is common for women to feel flushed, overheated, and sweaty at times. Menopause us a big part of a woman’s normal reproductive cycle which signals the end of one’s month ... READ MORE