5 Things Your Vagina May Be Telling You

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As a woman, you are probably used to how amazing your vagina is. It is functional and very strong (just ask any mother who has gone through natural childbirth). Because you have had it for forever, you hardly spend time paying attention to it, apart from the usual routine you do for your hygiene.


However, there may be times when we need to pay more attention to it and listen to what it is trying to tell you. Here are some of the things your vagina might be trying to say:

  1. “Stop loading up on carbs, for your sake and mine.”

Yes, don’t try to deny it. We know you love carbs because we do, too.  Your vagina, however, dreads it. Why? It’s because it sends your glucose levels through the roof, promoting the growth of Candida albicans, a fungus that causes yeast infections.


  1. “Please pee post-romp.”

This is not to avoid getting impregnated by your partner’s fast swimmers, but to prevent anal bacteria from creeping into your bladder and causing UTI. To cleanse your urethra opening, practice peeing before and after sex.


  1. “It’s time to see my favorite person! I mean the doctor.”

When your vagina is showing you signs that are a bit unusual, it’s trying to catch your attention. Itch, pain, irritation, irregular bleeding or discharge of a strange coloring – these are not to be ignored. There is no shame in going for a checkup. In fact, your doctor will tell you that it’s the smart thing to do!


  1. “Your laundry detergent is the worst!”

Are you feeling itchy down there lately? If there is no other bothersome symptom, you may not need to rush to your doctor at this point. What you may need to do is change your laundry detergent. See, your vulvar skin is very delicate and if your lady parts come into contact with dyes and perfumes, it can cause trouble. We know you want to smell fresh down there, but using a scented detergent is not the way to do it. Go for the unscented varieties instead, as they are gentler to the lady.


  1. “Sister, you’re preggo.”

You may not be listening when your vagina was trying to tell you that you’re ovulating, so here we are. If you are experiencing discharge overload, it may be because of spiked estrogen levels which are telltale signs of pregnancy.


It may seem strange to have regular conversations with your vagina. But it wouldn’t hurt to be tuned in when it’s trying to reach out to you. After all, when it’s happy you’re happy, right?



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