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Category Archives: September2016

How to Help Someone Deal with Infertility

Infertility is not something that everyone goes through, but it is something that ANYONE can be dealing with. You have to be sensitive enough to know what to say and what not to say. You might not think it, but YOU can help them feel better. Keep in mind that women are not the only ones who go through this, but men as well.   Here are some of the things to do or say to someone who is going th ... READ MORE

Vaginal Odour: What Changes as Women Age

As if hot flashes and night sweats aren’t enough, some women also have to endure changes in body odour as a part of menopause. These changes in one’s body odour can lead to dejection, embarrassment, and anxiety most especially in social situations. However, body odour can be controlled so women can still regain their confidence. The most important thing is to understand the root cause of these c ... READ MORE

Fertility: Is Sunscreen Harmful?

For years, we have been using sunscreen to protect us from having skin cancer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sunscreen helps prevent sunburn thus, reducing the risk of skin cancer as well as premature aging. However, a recent study suggests that although it protects our skin, sunscreen can also be the culprit behind another condition: infertility.   Fertil ... READ MORE

What Happens During Menopause

In our world today, menopause is sometimes seen as a negative milestone – a time of loss, and sometimes, it is even viewed as a disease or medical condition requiring a cure. No wonder some women, despite how healthy they are, tend to have negative feelings towards their bodies during this transition.   Menopausal Facts It does not happen overnight – it is a grad ... READ MORE

Single Parents: Taking Care of Yourselves

Being a parent, whether you are on your own or you have a partner to help you, is never an easy thing. There are many demands to meet and you might feel at some point that your life is solely dedicated to your kids. If you are a single parent and you are feeling stressed out, remember that in order to take care of your kids, you have to take care of yourself first.   Here are some steps that ... READ MORE

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