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Category Archives: June2016

Vaginal Muscle Exercises That Will Keep You Healthy

It should not come as a surprise if some women want to make their vagina tighter for various reasons. Some want more enjoyable intercourse and some have given birth or are suffering from medical conditions triggered by loose vaginal muscles. For whatever reasons, having a tight vagina allows you to have a healthy vagina for years to come. Good news! There are natural vaginal work outs you can do, to ... READ MORE

Summer Activities While Trying to Conceive

Are you fired up for the summer? Some people have been planning that great summer escapade for months now. Others are probably thinking of how to host the most memorable summer party! How about you? If you are one of those who are trying to conceive, well this article is written just for you! Summer sure is a great season to get out there and live adventurously but if you are trying to get pregnant, ... READ MORE

Foods That Help Keep Your ‘V’ Healthy

We often see and hear about the right foods to eat for a better body, heart, skin, and more. How often do we hear about the right foods to eat for a healthy vagina? Vaginal health is an essential aspect of any woman’s life. However, it gets neglected more often than not. It’s time to put an end to that now.   Here are great foods that can help you keep your vagina healthy:   READ MORE

Painful Intercourse: The Basics You Need to Know

Painful intercourse (also known as dyspareunia) can cause problems in a couple’s sexual relationship. Aside from the physical pain that a woman experiences during intercourse, there are also possible negative emotional effects. Thus, the problem should be addressed as soon as it arises.   Symptoms Painful intercourse might make a woman feel the following: ... READ MORE

How to Prevent Yeast Infection

Some women cringe at the thought of having yeast infection. Not everyone, however, knows what it actually is. A yeast infection is an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. This leads to uncomfortable symptoms such as:   *Burning and itching in and around the vagina *Burning sensation when urinating *Vaginal pain / discomfort during intercourse *Vaginal discharge   Yeast infections are ... READ MORE

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