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Dear Dr. Weisberg,

A simple thank you does not begin to show the appreciation we have for all that you've done for us.  We have a beautiful, bright-eyed, happy baby girl and we would not have her without you.  We are thankful every day to have her in our lives and we are thankful to have you as well.  We are truly, truly blessed!  Thank you!!!




Dear Dr. Weisberg & First Steps staff,

We are thrilled to share with you the news of the birth of our daughter, Terra, born on July 12th! We had an uneventful pregnancy and she is thriving! We would not be here without your dedication, compassion, and skill.  We are so thankful for your help to build our family!



Dear Dr. Weisberg and First Steps staff,

Words cannot describe how thankful we are for you and your staff.  There were many days when we couldn't face another day at the clinic, but due to the smiling faces and kindness, I was able to keep trying.  You guys have not only helped me get pregnant, but you have given us a family, a reason for living, and joy to our entire extended family.  You guys have the most special jobs in life and we are so envious of all of your accomplishments.  We owe you the world!



Dr. Weisberg,

Well - here she is!  We did it!  We've been blessed with a happy, healthy girl and are enjoying every minute.  Thanks for all of your work.  You have so many talented members of your team and we were lucky to have come to you for help.  Your work is very much appreciated!



Dear Dr. Weisberg,

Thank you so much for your care.  We have two beautiful children and they are such a joy!  I owe them both to your expertise and the support of your wonderful nurses. THANK YOU!



It is hard to find the words to express how truly thankful we are for all of your help.  You truly made our dream come true!! You are an amazing doctor and woman and we are fortunate to have had you to guide us through this journey.  We will forever be grateful to you - you are the best!  All the staff at First Steps are incredible as well!! Thank you for everything!



Dr. Weisberg,

Words cannot express the extent of our gratitude.  You have made all our dreams come true.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



Dr. Weisberg,

Thank you for helping us fulfill our dream of growing our family.  Your patience, kindness, encouragement, and knowledge made the last two years easier to get through.  We are so grateful to have you on this journey with us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Dear Dr. Weisberg,

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us this past year.  We really appreciate all your efforts and owe you so much gratitude.  Words cannot express how happy we feel, and we look forward to introducing you to our little bundle of joy, God willing, next summer.  Happy Chanukah!



Dear Dr. Weisberg,

We just want to say thank you so much for your kindness and helpfulness during our very difficult yet exciting year we spent with you.  You kept us hopeful and laughing.  Your professionalism and expertise shine through in everything you do and we are certain that you are the best doctor we could have.  I know you'll miss our (my) constant worrying so hopefully, we'll be in to visit you every once in a while!  Lucky you!  Please know I have so much admiration for you and will never forget all you have done for us.  Love, Jordana & Matt



Dear Dr. Weisberg,

There are no words to show how grateful we are to you and your staff for taking us on as your patient; for all the work you've done; for your advice and knowledge; for keeping things real; for allowing Brett to ease his concerns by going into the lab and watching; for your caring and wonderful staff; for the amazing end result!  Thank you for keeping our dream alive - we are forever grateful.



Dear Dr. Weisberg and everyone at First Steps Fertility,

Thank you so much for your help - without you, we wouldn't have our little bundle of joy :)  Jack was born on April 27, 2010 - almost three years after we started trying to conceive.  He was worth the wait, and we only have you to thank.  No words will ever be sufficient to express our thanks, and we are forever grateful.