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Egg Freezing

There are many reasons a woman may consider preserving her fertility options for the future, including a decline in fertility, as well as a result of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Oocyte Cryopreservation, or “egg freezing”, is an excellent, safe and reliable solution. In fact, recent advances in freezing techniques have greatly improved the chances that a frozen egg will survive the thawing process, and will be more likely to result in pregnancy.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is a scientific process that preserves a woman's mature eggs for use at a later date. The retrieval process is similar to that of In Vitro Fertilization

The freezing cycle takes roughly 4 to 6 weeks, which includes 10 to 14 days of hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries and ripen multiple, mature eggs. Once removed, the eggs are immediately frozen.

Why Consider Egg Freezing?

A woman's ovaries age rapidly, and both egg quantity and quality decrease over time, most significantly during her 30th and 40th decades. Freezing your eggs may be seen as an insurance policy against the damaging affects of age and outside influences, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and a viable option for a successful pregnancy in the future.

To learn more about Egg Freezing and whether this process is right for you, please book a consultation with one of fertility specialists. We are more than happy to discuss your unique situation, and review the expected risks, outcomes, and alternatives available to you.